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Epoxy Floor SOLID System

Epoxy Solutions prepares the concrete, repairs all cracks and divots, and epoxy coats your garage floor. We will:

  • Diamond grind to clean and profile the concrete slab in your garage
  • Fill all cracks and divots with epoxy crack filler
  • Supply and install our Epoxy Moisture Reduction Barrier Primer
  • Supply and install our Solid Colour Base Coat layer with Colour Flake
  • Supply and install a Polyaspartic Clear Top Coat with slip resistant fine clear glass aggregate
  • Provide a 2-year warranty (See FAQ for details)

These finishes are achieved using a polymerized cementitious protective coating and some artistic skill.

This system provides a tough water-retardant coating which reduces or prevents water penetration, freeze-thaw scaling and concrete carbonation. It is a breathable coating which can release normal entrapped vapour without loosening or blistering. It also provides excellent adhesion and is able to withstand prolonged pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Service available for all garage sizes.

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