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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between your epoxy system and other systems commonly sold for garage floors?

Our Epoxy Garage Floor systems are 100% epoxy in all 3 layers; a MRB primer layer that adheres better to the concrete, a base layer with coloured flakes or Metallics and a UV stable Polyaspartic top coat with slip resistant glass bead. Our Epoxy layers are not water based, but are 100% solvent and odour free.


Why does your system take 3 days to install when others are ready in 1 day? 

Our Epoxy Garage Floor systems take 8-10 hours (at room temperature) to cure to walk on. This means that 3 layers require 3 days plus a cure day before you can drive on it. A common polyurea or polyaspartic system is cured enough to walk on after 2-3 hours (per coat, at the same temperature). The main problem, and the reasons we do not do this, is that there is no moisture reduction barrier (MRB) primer. A primer that is applied to dry porous concrete that cures super fast does not have a chance to penetrate the top layer of concrete deep to form a super strong bond. This initial bond to concrete is where the all the liability for any guarantee is. The primer coat must bond to concrete at 350 psi which polyurea or polyaspartic do not. Our MRB primer does! 


Why do you use a polyaspartic top coat?

We use a polyaspartic epoxy for the top coat because it is UV stable and maintains a clear transparent film, even in heavy UV exposure. It is fully cured in 24 hours and can be driven on next day. It is not a problem to use when your epoxy base layer is the one bonded to concrete.


Why is a MRB primer important?

An MRB primer ensures that even if your garage floor has an undetected moisture issue it still protects and bonds to the concrete. We have been installing Epoxy Garage Floors for many years now and have learned this lesson the hard way. Over 70% of residential garage floors have a moisture transmission issue at some time throughout the year. If your moisture issue is in March or April and we test your floor for moisture in July we will not find a problem. MOISTURE READINGS ARE ONLY VALID THE DAY IT IS TESTED!


Do we really need an MRB primer if our floor has in floor heating?

If your garage floor has a moisture vapour barrier under the concrete (ie. 6 mill poly or insulation) and has in floor heating, you do not require an MRB primer. However, an epoxy primer for your epoxy garage floor system is still needed. Better safe than sorry!


Are you eco?

Eco friendly to the maximum that it is possible!

Our ESI Epoxy line is solvent and odour free but is still petroleum based. We drive a fleet of propane work trucks and our shop is covered in solar panels. We also have a detailed Environmental Health and Safety policy which encourages reusing of container packaging and recycling.


How long has Epoxy Solutions been installing epoxy garage floors?

We started business in 1981, adding residential garage floor services in the early nineties. We created a website dedicated to residential services about 10 years ago.