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New Concrete Topping

This system includes diamond grinding, shot blasting and/or acid washing to clean and profile your pitted concrete garage floor. We fill all cracks with epoxy crack filler. Once dry, we use our ESI bonding agent followed by approximately 10-12 bags of ESI CT (concrete topping) for every 1 car garage!

This is an excellent solution if your aged concrete garage floor is excessively spalled or pitted and in need of a major facelift that epoxy alone will not repair in a cost effective manner.

Our polymer modified concrete topping is economical, plus offers a very high compressive strength of 5500PSI (38mpa) when applied at apx 1/4" nominal thickness. You now have a brand new concrete floor that is salt and spall resistant!

Take it to the next level...

Seal your floor with a breathable layer of ESI 4000 pigmented epoxy sealer in grey or tan, or enhance your garage floor with coloured flakes or metallics. Add slip resistance with textured aggregates.

Service available for all garage sizes.

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